Talks about Lancashire

Over the years I have developed a series of talks incorporating everything that I have learned about our dialect, history and literary heritage. Combined in chronological order, these talks last over 8 hours but, out of respect for my audiences, I offer them in neat 45 minute chunks. They’re very popular….

A LANCASHIRE GARLAND  The History of Lancashire and its Dialect in song, stories & poems.

THE LANCASHIRE COTTON FAMINE (1861-65) –How we survived the American civil war.

AN AFTERNOON WITH EDWIN WAUGH A performance of his concert from October 5th 1875. 

“JONE O’ GRINFILT” The story of Lancashire’s most popular 19th century street ballad..

LOVE & ROMANCE IN VICTORIAN LANCASHIRE – poetry and song from the authors of the time.

THE POETS & POETRY OF VICTORIAN BLACKBURN the lives and works of the town’s authors.



“An accomplished performer of Lancashire Dialect songs, stories, and poems. His work is meticulously researched, brilliantly performed and often very humorous.”
“The best speaker I have heard , on any subject, in the last 5 years.”
“A breath of fresh air in the folk scene”.
“The highlight of my festival.”
“He left a lot of happy people behind him.”